Where to buy electronic cigarettes Melbourne?

The restrictions on where you can "vape" e-cigarettes in Melbourne are still quite relaxed, which means you can use them in many places where old fashioned tobacco smoking is prohibited.
When compared to regular tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are less expensive, less smelly, yet still deliver nicotine (but without the tar or carbon monoxide!). E-cigarettes are available in Melbourne in a wide range of nicotine levels from full strength 24mg down to 0mg nicotine levels, and come in a variety of flavours for a variety of personal tastes. E-cigarette flavours include the strong rich taste of traditional tobacco for those who like a strong tobacco flavour, to the delicious subtleties of coffee flavours for those who like a mid morning or late night treat.

How do e-cigarettes work?

E-cigarettes don't produce any ash or smoke, so you can throw away those stinky old ashtrays. E-cigarettes work by using a small built in battery to heat up liquid nicotine cartridges whenever you take a puff. The nicotine liquid becomes a vapour, and you "smoke" it just like a regular cigarette. It feels very similar to smoking a regular cigarette, but it doesn't make your clothes or home smell, and you never have to ash your smoke! Each nicotine cartridge is comparable to 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes, making it a much cleaner way to smoke, but also far more affordable. With the price of regular cigarettes continually increasing, e-cigarettes in Melbourne and across Australia are now more popular than ever.

The easy way to swich to e-cigarettes
If you're confused by all the different vaping products available, and simply want to get started, then we suggest purchasing a starter pack. E-cigarette starter kits are now available in Melbourne, and include everything you need, and come in Tobacco, Menthol and Coffee flavours. Extra refills are available in different flavours and in various nicotine strengths. Last updated December 13, 2017.

E-cigarettes Melbourne starter kits

What are personal vaporizers?

PVs are a more advanced nicotine delivery device, similar to e-cigarettes, but with several advantages. Vaporizers have a much larger battery than most e-cigarettes, and can work on higher voltages (more vapour) and last for longer. Personal Vaporizers hold e-liquid in a user refillable tank, and have a much wider range of flavours available. The only real disadvantage of vaporizers over e-cigarettes is their larger size. Vaporizers are generally about twice as large as ecigs, but the pay off is that you get much longer battery life, and a much larger eliquid reservoir. To veiw the full range of vaporizers available for Melbourne customers, please click here.